Men’s fitness 8-week body plan

The 8-week body plan is for people who want to gain some muscles in a summer session and lose some fat in a week and.
notes: this workout plan has is not for beginners that want to lose some weight for a week.

8-week body Plan

 you want some result pls to follow the work plan to get more full results.

Day 1 (upper workout)

Workout                                                                           Set                                   Reps

Dumbbell bench press                        4                           8
Dumbbell Row                                      4                           8
Overhead press                                    4                          10
Chin-up                                                   3                         12-15
Dips                                                         3                         12-15
Cable Curl                                               2                         12-15
Cable press Down                                 2                          10-12

Note: drop set on the final round

Cardio 30 -45 mins any kinds

Day 2: (Lower workout)

   Workout                                                                               Set                                           Reps

Squats                                                        5                             20-18-15
Dumbbell Stiff-Legged Deadlift             4                                 8
Dumbbell Split Squat Squat                   4                              8 Each
Leg press                                                   3                                  15
Leg Extension                                            3                                  15

Note: drop set on the final set

Cardio: 15-20mins

Day 3 ( Recovery Day!)

use this time to recover your muscle from the fatigue that we use to destroy on are work out days . and if you can some time to get some cardio on the side to lose some fat faster.

Day 4 (Upper Workout)

Workout                                                                                  Set                                                Reps

Bent-Over Row                                         4                                    6
Incline bench Press                                 4                                     6
Seated Cable Row                                    3                                   12-15
Push up                                                     3                                    12- 15
Lat Pulldown                                             3                                   6- 8- 10
lateral raise                                               3                                      10
Band pull apart                                         3                                      10

Note: drop set on your final set

Cardio 30-4 min low intensity

Day 5 ( lower Workout)

   Workout                                                                                     Set                                               Reps

Trap bar Deadlift                                          4                               6-12-10-8
Romanian Deadlift                                       4                                   8-10
lateral Lunges                                                3                            15-20 each set
Narrow Leg Press                                          3                                   4
Wide leg Press                                               3                                    12
Seated calf Raise                                           3                                     20
Jump Rope                                                      3                                 3mins

Note: Cardio 15 of Hiit your choice of workout

Day 6 (Core workout & Recovery)

Take your time and rest and recover your body for all the hard work

Remember we rest is still a workout.

  Workout                                                                                              Set                                                         Reps

ab Crunch                                                            3                                        20
Bicycle Crunch                                                    3                                        20
Leg Raise                                                              3                                        10
oblique crunch                                                    3                                      15 Each
Plank                                                                     3                                       30 Sec

Day 7 (Recovery day!)

on this day take your time to recovery on all the workout we did take your time sleep and rest of the day to recover.

8-week diet plan

Before we start you must need to know your body first like 
  • calorie intake 
  • body weight 
  • height 
  • bad or good food

Mael plan

Meal 1

  • protein- egg white, chicken breast 
  • 1 cup of veggies 

Meal 2

  • protein – can tuna/veggies 2 cup os broccoli

Meal 3

  • protein-9 oz boneless skinless/ chicken breast 
  • veggies- 1 cup green beans 

Meal 4

  • 1.5 scoops of whey protein

Meal 5

  • 9oz boneless skinless chicken breast 
  • 2 cup lettuce, 1 tomato.

Meal 6

  • 1.5 scoop whey protein

Can you get ripped in 8 weeks?

The plan is an 8week body transform, so yes you can, if you follow the workout plan and the diet plan you can achieve in 8 weeks.
if you get used to it 8-week is a long time for your loss some weight 

Can I get ripped in 2 months?

In this program it takes just less than 2 months to can achieve the body that you want to have followed the plan and in no time you get it!

Can I change my body in 4 weeks?

More then you think you know yes you can achieve it in no time – if you just follow the plan and diet on it you can have the body you want less than 4 weeks.

How many mouths does it take to transform your body?

 It will never take you a month to achieve your body that you want if you follow all the work plans and diet plans!

Can you really change your body in 30 days?

yes, you can by strictly and implementing the diet plan and workout plan with no time you can get a great result at less than 30 days.

What’s the fastest way to tone your body?

in a week or mouths, you can achieve what you want to follow all the plans that gave you and you can achieve it in no time!


Every workout plan or diet plan we need to the dedication are self
to get the greatest potential

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